Create Recipe Wizard - Step One

Create pottery glaze recipes

Step One askes you three questions about your new glaze in order to determine what color descriptions will work and what region you live in. The first option: Locale. If you wish to limit available materials to your location use this option, otherwise the default Global will be used. The second option: What Type of Firing do you do? You can choose Oxidation, Reduction or a combination of the two. If you fire your pots in an electric kiln your choice will be Oxidation. If you fire you kiln with gas or use reduction techniques of any kind during your firing, your choice will be Reduction. If you want access to colors that work in either Oxidation or reduction choose OxRed (Oxidation or Reduction). The third option: What is your Firing Range? gives three broad choices, Low, Mid and High. If you fire below cone 2 or cone 3 you should choose Low. If you fire between cone 4 cone 8 you should choose Mid. If you fire above cone 8 you should choose High.

Note: if you change either of these options all settings previously selected in Step Two or Step Three will be initialized. This happens because your answers to the questions in Step One determine the color choices you can choose from in Step Three.

Create Recipe Wizard - Step Two

Create new pottery glaze recipes

In order to build a recipe GlazeSimulator requires one selection from the three categories displayed: Clays, Feldspars, Fluxes. When you click on one of these links the Material List Box will fill with materials under that category. Select a material from the Material List Box and it will appear beside the category link you chose. Do this for each material category before moving on to Step Three.

Create Recipe Wizard - Step Three

Create pottery glaze recipe colors

If you choose to build a glaze recipe with color then first click on Select a General Color. Choose a general color, and the screen will refresh showing the available color definitions under that general color, firing atmosphere and within the firing temperature range you specified in Step One. Select a Specific Color and it will appear in the Selected Color field. Last but not least, enter the name you want for this glaze recipe.

When you are happy with all the settings just click the Create Recipe button in Step Four. GlazeSimulator will automatically load your new glaze recipe into the Main Analysis Screen. From there you can either make manual changes to your new recipe or use the Adjustment Wizard to help automate your changes.